Bradford City Badges

BC126Bantamscrest BC137BCSuppclub

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BC006intertoto BC036Blackfire BC041bantams1983 BC053Kangaroo BC101BCsuppclub BC106Wembley96 BC115Gillingham BC148AmberBantamsCrest BC153Shareholders&Supp BC191White1911 BC137BCSuppclub BC131WhiteCitygent

A lovely old badge believed to date from the

1960s. Bradford City Shareholder & Supporters

Bradford City Supporters Australia. Kangaroo wearing Claret & Amber.


Lovely Claret & Amber old style Bantam crest embellished with gold.

One of several variations on the City Gent theme.

This is the rarest of all of the City Gent badges.

A badge dedicated to the 1911 F.A. cup win. All the players names surround the cup.

The large head of an Amber Bantam is displayed on a white centre circle, with claret edging.

Bradford City A.F.C. Supporters Club with Gold & Claret  sculptured

boar crest.

Gold & Claret Wembley Play Off Winers 1996.

One of 3 badges to commemorate victory.

Lovely Gillingham F.A. Cup fixture badge. Featuring Gillingham & Bantams logo.

One of 3 match badges commemorating the Inter-Toto match between Zenit

St Petersburg & the Bantams

A limited edition badge produced to raise money for victims of the 1985 Valley Parade fire disaster.

A lovely Claret & Amber

Bradford City Supporters

Club badge, featuring the old style Bantam.

BC 153

BC 053

BC 148

BC 131

BC 191

BC 041

BC 101

BC 106

BC 115

BC 006

BC 036

BC 137